• Siemens 828D CNC Control
  • 9kW Spindle Motor
  • 24 Tool Arm Type ATC


Item Specification Unit BL-Y1050
Worktable Table size mm 1200×460
T slot(NO./width/gap) mm 5/18/1990
Table max. loading kg 500
Travel X/Y/Z axes mm 1000/500/550
Spindle Distance from spindle nose to table surface mm 150-700
Distance from spindle center to column face mm 520
Spindle type mm BT40/Φ150
Spindle motor kw 9(SIEMENS brand)
Spindle speed range rpm 100-8000(TAIWAN High speed Integral spindle unit)
Feeding axes X/Y/Z axes feeding motor torque Nm 11/11/11(SIEMENS)
X/Y/Z axes linear guideway width mm 35
X/Y/Z axes fast moving speed m/min 30/30/24(SIEMENS motor,LINEAR guideway)
X/Y/Z axes ball screw dia./pitch mm 40/12
Precision Positioning precision mm ±0.008
Repeatable positioning precision mm ±0.005
Tool magazine Tool magazine type / 24T Arm type
Others Overall Size mm 2900×2200×2500
Weight kg 5300